The Case for American Manufacturing

Because the USA is the world’s largest market, it stands to reason that products sold here are made close to this market. Many foreign companies locate here for just that reason. Why have so many U.S. companies sourced offshore? The typical answer is to cut cost. It works! For some situations and for short-term gains it can save some money. As standards of living in Asia equalize with ours and logistic costs increase the advantage is lost. This is happening quickly. We need to get back to basics and look beyond a 6 mo. profit gain. What is it costing us to save on manufacturing expense? Are we getting “value” for our money? Is your information technology safe?

I think we have reached a time where most of us realize the errors of going half way around the world to save a buck. We are all aware of the quality and safety issues. Manufacturers are learning (the hard way) about intellectual property security, communication problems, long lead times, service/support issues, and problem resolution difficulties. Is saving a third of the cost really saving anything? In some cases it is, but often it is not.

Specific to our industry, we have seen most tooling move offshore. One third off the cost is the typical saving quoted off of a U.S. source. But, is that the real bottom line savings? Companies are finding these tools are made quickly but lead-time can still be long due to shipping and other issues. On occasion personal are sent overseas to direct and insure things are done correctly. This is very expensive. Designs are often lacking especially on complex projects. The tools received will most often not be ready to produce the part. They usually require a local shop, if he’s still in business, to make it work. Die material (tool steel properly heat treated) is inferior and for stamping work they require more frequent sharpening and early replacement, often by a local shop. The tool may not run at the expected speed or will have other running problems. You have no support from the maker. In the end is there any savings at all? Are you getting real value for your tooling dollar?

Imperial Die & Mfg. Co. can help with these issues. We won’t be the cheapest die price, but I’m confident we will give you the best value. When we put our skill and real world experience into your tooling for precision stamping, especially complex and high volume parts, you will come out a winner. Add to that the service we can provide in a timely manor and having a die that is press ready to produce your part. Or we can run your stamping requirements and ship on your schedule. That’s VALUE!